In this weeks episode, we chat with Bestowing the Brush host Dallas Nachtigall about how she uses painting and art in her homeschool. Dallas shares how she gets her kids involved and how art has truly become a form of mother culture in her Charlotte Mason homeschool. Make sure to check her out on Instagram (@bestowingthebrush), her podcast, and her YouTube channel!

Chelsea Lanese is the creative mind behind the Let’s Play School products (find all of there stuff at and follow her on Instagram at @letsplayschool). We were so excited to talk with Chelsea all about her homeschool style, inspiration, and motherhood. With her energy and infectious personality, Chelsea inspired us to continue on in this journey of loving our families and schooling at home.

***Not appropriate for children***
In this week’s episode we talk with homeschooling mom and medical doctor Dr. Kimberly Mason about the latest developments in the Coronavirus epidemic. We discuss the origins of the virus, steps to take now to protect our community, how the virus appears to affect children and pregnant women, as well as how your homeschool may be impacted (whether you’re a veteran or new to schooling at home). You’ve got this mama- we’re in this together!

Homeschool families come in all different configurations and sizes and today we wanted to take some time to talk about what it looks like to have an only child at home. We explore the beauty and challenges of homeschooling one with boy mom Jillian Graham. It’s a great episode no matter how many kids are in your family!

Mom of three and Charlotte Mason educating Mama Kim Mason sat down with us this week to talk about one of the tenants of a CM education- nature study. Kim shares how nature study differs from simply playing outdoors, as well as how to implement and even create your own nature study curriculum in your homeschool!


The Handbook of Nature Study

Exploring Nature with Children

Backyard Bird Song Guide

Merlin Bird App

Star Walk App

A Nature Study Guide

Biology for Every Kid

Nature Anatomy

Play the Forest School Way

Field Trips 

Nature Crafts

A Delectable Education episode with John Muir Laws

Sabbath Mood Homeschool

Ambleside Online

We were delighted to talk with Mary Prather of Squilt Music and Homegrown Learners! Mary is a homeschooling mom herself who has made adding music to your homeschool enjoyable, fun, and easy!

You may remember Christa Thomas from our Importance of the Outdoors episode (if you haven’t listened to it check it out now!). What you may not know is Christa used to teach in both public and private schools. Her sons also attended private and public school for a time. In this episode, Christa shares what it was like for her as a teacher to transition to homeschooling, as well as the (wonderful) difference she’s seen in her sons since bringing them home.

Article Mentioned:

Kindergarten Teachers Speak out for Children’s Happiness

Waldorf Inspired mama Jen Grant is back sharing all of the cozy and wonderful things her family enjoys about winter. Jen gives some great examples of indoor activities for families as well as winter inspired handicrafts to enrich your homeschool day. 

Resources Mentioned:

Rat a Tat Cat


Clue Guess Who

Catan Jr.

Hedbandz Jr.

Lavenders Blue Homeschool

The Artful Year


The Brambly Hedge Series- Winter Story

Sun Bread

Owl Moon

Crab Moon

Snack Snooze Skedaddle

In today’s episode we talk with mom of 5 Naomi about how she uses traditions from her childhood with her children today. We also discuss what it’s like working with Spanish speaking homeschoolers and some Spanish resources!


Resources from this episode:

La Edad De Oro by Jose Marti

Pio Peep! Traditional Spanish

Arco Iris de Poesia

De Colores and other Latin American folk songs for children


In Part 2 of our Hero series, we talk with Maria Nelson about the importance of heroes in the lives of children. From stories of fictional heroes or biographies of great men and women in history, we dive into the (sometimes murky) water of  learning from those who have gone before us. We also discuss character building books and stories as a part of a living education. 


Wing Feather Saga

Green Ember Series

Little Britches Series

Understood Betsy

Anne of Green Gables

Chronicles of Narnia

Children's Book of Heroes

Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit

Landmark Biographies

Wind in the Willows

Henry Huggins Series

Your Morning Basket: The Truth About Myth (podcast)

Your Morning Basket: Why Fairy Tales are not Optional (podcast)

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