Are you a parent who is interested in homeschooling but not ready to fully commit? Do you know someone who feels like traditional schooling is better for their child but still wants to implement certain homeschool principles or philosophies? In this episode, we talk with curricula researcher and philosophy lover Lauren Litton about the inspiration she has taken from homeschooling resources and applied them to her (currently non-homeschooling) family life.



-The Alveary 
-A Gentle Feast (Family-style CM history)
-Ambleside Online 
-Simply Charlotte Mason
-A Mind in the Light (Blend of classical and CM elements)
-Mater Amabilis (Catholic)
-A Modern Charlotte Mason
-Ani ve Ami (Jewish) 
-Wildwood (Secular)
General CM resources:
-CM's own volumes (available in print from Living Books Press, Simply Charlotte Mason, etc.). Available for free online here:

-CM Unboxed course from Modern Miss Mason:

-CM 101: A Proper Introduction course from Charlotte Mason Soiree

Planning Your CM Homeschool manual from Simply Charlotte Mason

-A Delectable Education consultation

-Commonplace Quarterly magazine

- Information on starting a CM Community

 -Charlotte Mason’s volumes, especially Home Education and A Philosophy of Education 

-Habits book by Deborah Taylor-Hough (available on Amazon), see also “The Outdoor Lives of Children” and “Ideas and Books” by her (These are very short books that summarize one mother’s thoughts and some key quotes from CM)

-The Introverted Mom by Jamie C. Martin

-Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

-A Delectable Education podcast episode on Charlotte Mason principles for traditional school families


Lauren's favorite books for parents whose kids are pre-school age:

Charlotte Mason’s Home Education book (covers ages 0-6)

The Lifegiving Home by Sally Clarkson

Jodi Mockabee’s “Whole Families” magazine (out of print, however she said she's working on a new version that will be cheaper and available directly from her so stayed tuned!)


General vision in parenting:

-The Mother by Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty (Catholic perspective).

-The Lifegiving Parent by Sally & Clay Clarkson (Protestant Christian perspective)

-Different by Sally Clarkson (Protestant Christian perspective)

-Wild + Free bundles & podcast (secular perspective)


Home Library & Booklist inspiration:


-Reshelving Alexandria booklists


-Read Aloud Revival booklists



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